10 Things Ipswich Plumbers Wish Their Customers Knew

21 Jun, 2021

Here at Plumbing Ipswich, we take plumbing seriously. You cannot afford to take your home’s plumbing lightly or make expensive mistakes that can easily be avoided. After many years in the business we often see the same mistakes being made time and again. That’s why we’re breaking down 10 things most plumbers wish customers.


1) Flushable wipes are not flushable

Don’t trust the flushable label. Flushable wipes are anything but. They’re terrible for toilets because they don’t break down like toilet paper, so they cause blockages. According to Queensland Urban Utilities, there are about 3,500 blockages in the system every year and wipes are one of the biggest contributors. In fact, the only things that should be sent down the S-bend are liquid and solid waste from your body and toilet paper. Or, as the Water Services of Australia reminds us, toilets are for the three Ps: “pee, poo and toilet paper.”


2) No-call-out-fee emergency plumbers usually end up costing you more

It may look like you’re getting something for free, but you’re really not. Some free callouts end up costing you more money because the plumber will hit you with an extortionate quote or hidden fees that you didn’t see coming.


10 things Ipswich plumbers wish their customers knew

3) Don’t get rid of food and grease down the sink

Many plumbing headaches can be prevented by not dumping food or grease down the sink. It is not a garbage disposal unit! Some items should never be put down your sink. Even if the pieces are small, they can accumulate over time and block pipes. And while hot grease is a liquid that easily flows down a drain, it solidifies as it cools, turning hard and causing clogs in your pipes.


4) Most DIY plumbing is illegal (but not all)

While you need a professional for the majority of plumbing jobs, there are some problems you can actually fix yourself. For example, replacing a leaky showerhead with a new one and using a plunger to dislodge shallow pipe blockages are easy home fixes. Deeper blockages, of course, will require a plumbing professional, as does any commercial plumbing work that must be done by a licensed plumber.



5) Install drain strainers in floor waste pipes

Sometimes, it really is that simple. Drain strainers allow water to pass through but hold on to food particles, solid debris, hairs and other waste. This reduces the risk of gunk clogging up your pipes.


6) Don’t trust a plumber that doesn’t give you a written guarantee

Written guarantees should come with every job and fix. Quality plumbers know their work will last and will not hesitate to give you a warranty, which is usually 12 months. If your plumber doesn’t guarantee their work in writing, what are they hiding? Make sure you check this before signing off on any plumbing work.


7) Not all leaky taps need to be replaced

Dripping taps are among the most common plumbing problems and often aren’t as bad as you think. A leaky tap doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it with a new one. It may be relatively easy to fix. Often with a slow drip, all you have to do is replace a washer, not the entire tap.


Plumber repairing leak in wall in Ipswich

8) Turn off your water supply when you are away

When you leave town for a vacation or business trip, turning your water off is the best way to avoid common plumbing disasters. Unless you stop the water from coming into your home, it will sit in your pipes waiting to be used. If they break down or burst because of corrosion, age or wear and tear, water will flow out of the cracks or holes and continue doing so until it is turned off. While turning off the water supply completely won’t stop water already in the pipes, it will limit the risk of severe flood damage.


9) Always read the terms and conditions before accepting a quote

It’s easy to skim through terms and conditions in contracts without actually paying attention to them. This could leave you with headaches you don’t need. For example, some plumbers may try to leave you with the mess to clean up after they’re done. Clean up of debris, especially during a major plumbing strip out, may be on you. Make sure to check this with your plumber before hiring them, so you’re not caught unaware later.


10) You can ask for alternative parts

Some parts cost a lot more than others to do the same job. If your plumber doesn’t give you some options or offers the most expensive choices, ask or do your own research. Most reputable plumbers will provide you with several choices in different budget ranges. Some cheaper alternatives may even provide the same quality.



We hope these tips will help you avoid the costly plumbing problems we often see, but if something does happen, call Plumbing Ipswich on 0491 181 016 to speak to a professional. Our 24/7 plumbers are waiting to help you when you need.



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