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We deal with all kinds of leaks day in day out. Whether it’s your tap, mixer, shower, fitting, drain leak, sewer leak, a leak at the water mains, even mysterious difficult to access leaks behind a wall or a roof leak. we can help accurately locate, diagnose and fix the leak. We’re your trusted local Ipswich plumber when it comes to fixing leaks. Put your trust in a family owned and operated with professional and friendly service. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!

Leaking Taps & Tap Repairs

The most common culprit of residential leaks is from taps. The annoying dripping of water is not only annoying but if left unattended can cause an unnecessary increase in your water bill, not to mention it’s a waste of Australia’s most precious resource water.

Did you know that a slowly dripping tap wastes up to 9,000 litres of water each year! Most of the time it’s a simple matter of changing the washers. Sometimes it requires the taps to be re-seated. Whatever the root cause we can accurately diagnose it and provide a timely and cost-effective solution.

What are some of the common causes of leaks?

  • Tree roots
  • Clogs in drains and toilets
  • high water pressure causing connections and fixtures to leak
  • water hammer
  • wear and tear

How to identify a Leak?

Here are some common indicators of a leak

Inside your property Outside your property

Sound of running/dripping water


Your lawn is greener in one isolated region


Warm spots in walls


Water meter is moving despite water being used


Damp patches on walls


Settlement in foundations, footpaths, driveways

Mold mildew or fungus on walls


Increase presence of insects



Commercial water cooler Ipswich

Checking the water meter is a good way to see if your property has any leaks

Leak detection 

If you suspect a leak, but are not sure where it’s coming from, we can help you location the leak with our leak detection service.

Leaks are a common issue regularly encountered by Ipswich residents. Sometimes it can be very difficult to locate the exact location of a leak. These mysterious leaks should be addressed as early as possible because leaks can have a very detrimental impact on a property and lead to significant water damage leading to:

  • timber rot
  • encourage termite activity
  • and settlement due to erosion or uneven expansion and contraction of soil (especially black soil commonly found throughout the Ipswich region).
water leak damage in Bundamba QLD

Water damage from leaks can have a detrimental impact on your property

Poor construction or installation processes, inadequate water proofing, ground movement, irregular cleaning and carelessness are some of the many causes of these mystery leaks. We use the latest technology to help us accurately detect the location of these mysterious leaks with minimal disruption to your property. Give us a ring and we’ll come around to your property find out where the leak is coming from and fix it promptly and cost effectively.


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