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Excavator Hire Ipswich QLD

Doing some landscaping at your property? Building a new pool perhaps or installing an underground rainwater tank? Our affordable excavation hire services can make light work of your earthmoving project helping you get your project doing faster and easier.

Our earthworks services include hire of the excavator along with an experienced operator. That way you can rest easy that you won’t end up accidently causing damage to your property. We do not currently offer dry hire (hire of just the excavator only).

Our customers use our excavation services for a range of different reasons including but not limited to:

  • Digging holes
  • Digging trenches for utilities e.g. electrical cables, gas pipes, water pipes etc.
  • Repairing damaged pipes – often a result of tree roots causing a blocked drain
  • Grading sloping and uneven land
  • Constructing retaining walls
  • Rectifying drainage issues
  • Demolishing structures
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Creating roads/trails
  • Other landscaping jobs
Excavator hire Ipswich

Our 2.7 tonne excavator is great for projects where access is not an issue.

Mini Excavator Hire Ipswich, QLD

No Ipswich excavator hire service is complete without mini excavator hire. Our 1.5 tonne mini excavator, also known as a mini digger, is the perfect combination of being small enough to fit through the side gate of most properties in Ipswich and powerful enough to make light work of back yard excavation and earthmoving projects.

When you use our services you get the benefits of a small yet powerful mini excavator and also the skill and expertise of an experienced operator. We’re experienced earthmoving contractors Ipswich locals can trust for all their small scale earth moving projects, whether it be digging a trench for utilities such as water pipes or digging up a large hole for an underground water tank. 

When it comes to earthworks in Ipswich QLD you can count on us for a high quality finish done in a safe manner. We’re a small family business based in Ipswich, QLD. With honest upfront affordable pricing and great customer service, why not give us a call today and get a free quote on your earthmoving project today!

We service the greater Ipswich area, Springfield, and Brisbane’s south west suburbs. Call today for a 100% obligation free quote.

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earthmoving contractors Ipswich

Our mini excavator is perfect for digging trenches for new pipes

earthmoving Ipswich
roof plumbing Ipswich
excavations for new pipe being laid at a large property in Karalee north of Ipswich

More about our excavation hire services: 

We offer our excavation and earthmoving services throughout Ipswich and surrounding areas in South East QLD. 

Excavation for slabs, pits and more

Excavation is an integral part of the process when it comes to building new structures. To have a solid, durable foundation, you need to have adequate depth and precision. One common excavation service we offer is excavation for concrete slabs of all shapes and sizes, whether for a driveway, shed slab, pathway or patio. Accuracy and knowledge of the equipment and the understanding of the process is vital in getting the best outcome. Work with a team that has excavated countless slab foundations, who have their own equipment and will clean up after themselves. Some situations where you may require excavation include for septic tanks, foundation for concrete slabs, patios and ground and soil testing to name a few. Top soil excavation is the most common form of excavation that we undertake. 

Excavation of trenches for utilities

Excavation for utility placement, replacement or repair is our speciality, because of how closely tied in this is with regular work that a licensed plumber undertakes. Utilities that may require excavation include leaking pipes, sewer pipes, underground power, gas and lastly stormwater drainage. It is vital that whoever conducts the excavation, that they dial before they dig, to know the risks under the surface of the soil to prevent harm and costly mistakes. Depending on the soil type of your property, excavation difficulty differs. Around the Ipswich area, blacksoil is a clay like soil, very common and also reactive to swelling and shrinking with moisture. To ensure that you get the best outcome for your investment into whatever you are building or excavating for, it is important to know the soil type to identify and plan for its normal patterns of behaviour with time and weather.  If you are building another dwelling on your property or constructing an extension, you will most likely need utilities to be laid underground which requires excavation. Furthermore if utilities need to be accessed for repair or replacement, excavation will be required to enable access to the utilities underground. 

Repairing damaged pipes

Damaged pipes can be a costly exercise to repair, especially if under a cement slab. Damaged pipework can sometimes be repaired using CCTV drain cameras to identify the issue and a skilled plumber may be able to repair the pipe without excavating anything. There are times when the damage is extensive and excavation is required to replace all or part of the pipework underground to address the problem. Damaged pipes come from a number of sources, including tree roots or shifting soil. If the problem can’t be addressed conservatively, we offer emergency plumbing services and excavation services to customers throughout Ipswich and surrounding areas

Grading, sloping and uneven land

Need your property ground levelled? We can help you with that. Excavate the required area to be flat, or to have the desired slope you need for adequate drainage, whatever your needs, our excavation team can help you there. About to construct a driveway but need the ground sloping in the right direction so water can drain and not pool? Excavation to achieve the desired gradient at your property is vital for the long term outcome of your investment into your driveway, backyard landscaping or shed slab you’re building.

Constructing retaining walls

Retaining walls are a great solution for preventing erosion, drainage problems and provide increased usability for difficult properties with accessibility issues. Hardscaping takes a lot of time and resources and it is heavy work, consider outsourcing the excavation to professionals who can get the job done quickly and to an impeccable standard, saving you all that sweat equity you would have spent digging. If you are building a large retaining wall, you’ll definitely require excavators to move the earth. 

Rectifying drainage issues

If you have a drainage problem, you may need excavation to rectify the problem. Drainage issues can be the result of inadequate slope or fall of the yard or driveway, leaving water to pool in areas rather than drain off your property and into storm water drains. When a slab is built, you’ll need to consider the drainage during the planning stage. Some concreters have their own excavation equipment, while others engage an excavation company to do this task. Some drainage problems are a simple fix, others are a lot more involved, getting a professional out to inspect the situation is your first step and then a plan can be made. 

Demolishing structures

Need to demolish a structure or retaining wall? Using an excavator to haul, remove and clean up a demolished structure will make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you are considering doing this on your own. Our team uses professional machinery that will make the demolition for your property seamless, efficient and stress free. 

Removing tree stumps

Tree stumps are an unassuming threat to a lot of elements of a home, from foundations to the utilities underground, even to fences, when tree roots grow, they can grow far and fast which means they will most likely cause damage to anything in its path. The best way to prevent roots from affecting your property is to ensure trees are planted adequately away from the structure. If there is an established tree and the roots have become a threat or cause damage, consider removing the tree and the stumps. Excavators are used to remove the tree stump and roots, allowing access below the surface to remove any trace of the tree. Leaving your tree stump after you’ve cut down the tree leaves an opportunity for termite to infest the stump, which may lead to further termite problems down the track. 

Clearing vegetation

Land clearing is an essential part of any construction project, and is one of the first steps in the construction phase. It is a multi-step process that involves clearing undergrowth, removing stumps and roots, and hauling off debris. Excavators are used to clear vegetation fast and thoroughly. 

Creating roads and trails

Building a road or trail can be a great way to improve a landscape, provide a place for outdoor activities, and increase property value—whether you own a farm, acreage, or you want to subdivide your property for development. Excavators are used to clear the trail, excavate for road base and whatever top surface you’re after, whether it be gravel, concrete or asphalt. 

Ponds and other landscaping jobs

A well positioned pond can be a great addition to an outdoor living space. However, creating one on your property involves a lot more than digging a hole. There are many nuances to the process and only a skilled pond builder can save you time and money, but the first step is to excavate the required area. 

Happy Customers

Matt Redman
Matt Redman
Linken came out to clear some blockages in our sewer line and did an exceptional job. He was prompt, professional and explained the steps involved in a clear and understandable manner. I will definitely use Linken's company again if I require plumbing assistance.
Shetaya Davis
Shetaya Davis
Called for an emergency plumber but got phone advice instead. Linken was completely upfront and honest about my gas heating situation & saved me $$ on a call out fee. You are amazing, thank you so much!!
Lisa Duce
Lisa Duce
Excellent service and work. Linken goes beyond to help out and find solutions that work long term. Reasonably priced and stuck to quoted price. We wont use anybody else from now on.
Chris Amson
Chris Amson
Had these guys come install some new taps and do install some drainage for a bathroom renovation we're doing at our property in ipswich. They did a great job. It's working great, prices were very reasonable (much better than a couple of pther quotes I got) plus the guys were very friendly too. Will be calling back for future plumbing work
Neil Beauchamp
Neil Beauchamp
I would use this company again. The service provided was much better than another high profile company I used recently that didn't leave the job in a tidy and well finished condition.
Sarah Fluerty
Sarah Fluerty
Linken from aussie relining plumbing services has been a pleasure to contract with, he is prompt, professional and communicates early and frequently. Very happy with the work he has done replacing a damaged toilet and getting rid a shonky diy job which *doubled* my homes water pressure. No more screaming from the bathroom when someone flushes the toilet! Very friendly and efficient, thanks heaps
Maria Hansen
Maria Hansen
I can highly recommend Linken for his professional workmanship. Very prompt with his service. I have now got a gas stove and working taps very happy .if you are in need of a plumber and gas fitter Linken is your man Maria Hansen Barellan Point
James Miles
James Miles
Awesome job, came out promptly and fixed the small job I had trouble with. Friendly and professional. Highly recommend their work
Caroline Boyd
Caroline Boyd
I have used Linken and his team several times and the services is excellent. He responds quickly to calls. The team are friendly and courteous and pricing is good! Highly recommended.
Zach Reinke
Zach Reinke
Linken was able to assist over the phone and provide solutions based on his expert knowledge. Very quick and wouldn't have hot water without him! Cheers!!

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