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Looking for a Plumber in Ipswich?

Searching for a quality local plumber in Ipswich? At plumbing Ipswich we are dedicated to providing high quality plumbing service at affordable rate. As residents of Ipswich, we love serving residents and businesses in the local Ipswich area. We offer both residential plumbing services as well as commercial plumbing services.

Hire an experienced Ipswich plumber to work on your Queenslander

Ipswich is a charming regional city with many quintessential Queenslander homes from different eras. These lovely Queenslanders go along way in giving our city its distinctive character, heritage, and history. These older style homes require a specialised touch when it comes to fixing the old plumbing and gas pipelines.

At plumbing Ipswich, we have all the necessary equipment and experience to deal with the most delicate situations. This ensures that we not only address the current issue, but help Ipswich residents to identify areas of weakness which may cause further issues down the track. We give honest advice and give homeowner or business owner all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision.

We’re a friendly, locally owned and operated plumbing company. Our Ipswich plumbers have a “go the extra mile” attitude that ensures our customers are more than satisfied with our work. In fact, our customers often happily call us again when they need a local Ipswich plumber.


Residential & Commercial emergency plumbing

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Any plumbing or gas fitting emergency

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Looking for an emergency plumber? We’re on call for emergencies 24/7. If you’re looking for fast response time, we are the go-to plumbers in Ipswich. We are always in the nearby area and our days are often full of smaller jobs. So there’s a good chance we can drop in to quickly assess any problems and even fix them on the spot! We’re available during regular business hours and after hours in the Ipswich region for plumbing emergencies. Please not after hours call out charges do apply


We’re the plumber Ipswich locals choose for small jobs

Many Ipswich plumbers won’t go out to a customer’s home for small jobs such as fixing a leaking tap or unblocking a drain. However, at Plumbing Ipswich we put our customers concerns as our top priority now matter how big or small they may be.

If it’s an issue you want fixed give us a call and we’ll sort it out! Our number 1 priority is meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. We go the extra mile by providing our customers with helpful tips and advice to help prevent further issues from occurring in the near future.

We’re the plumbing company Ipswich locals go to for big jobs too!

We’ve got the equipment and experience necessary to fix a variety of plumbing issues. From a simple blocked drain, leaking tap, through to leak detection, hot water system repairs, installation and maintenance.

When you’ve got a full-on bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation you might need need to relocate some pipes. Think water pipes, drainpipes and or gas pipelines. We can configure your new room just the way you like it. We’ll install taps, shower fittings, toilets, sinks and showers and the necessary hardware to help make your renovation dream a reality. We can even recommend other honest, top notch tradies for all non-plumbing related jobs.

Got a leak in your roof and need a roof plumber in Ipswich? We can help you identify exactly where the leak is coming from and rectify the issue before any further damages occur.

The local plumber Ipswich residents trust to get quality plumbing at affordable rates

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“John was really pleasant to deal with. He came on time, quickly fixed the taps and was neat and tidy.”

Julie M - Bundamba

“Job was completed on time and as quoted. Would recommend John to anyone needing a plumber.”

Jackson K - Eastern Heights

“Came within an hour and fixed our blockage just before our guests arrived.”

Samantha P - Brassall

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