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    Pipe Relining Is a Mess Free, Cost Affective Solution to Damaged Pipes

    Concerned about leaking, misaligned or blocked pipes at your property? We have an excellent solution that doesn’t involve digging or the slightest bit of excavation. Pipe relining is the modern solution to a very inconvenient problem: inaccessible pipes minus the excavation

    Because no excavation is required, this process is very cost-effective and allows us to repair the most inaccessible pipes, including those under slabs or underground. So, how can we tell where the damage is? We use CCTV technology to investigate the interior of the pipes, identifying the problem areas, sometimes blockages have to be cleared before CCTV camera can even go down the drain, othertimes the camera can be inserted to then locate the block if its further down the piping. 

    Once the blockage is located, we’ll clean and unblock the interior or your drain or pipe using a high-pressure water jet. Having a clean surface is the best option for optimal results. With several options available for pipe relining, we’ll choose the best one to meet your specific needs. After the lining is in place, it will need time to cure. Once that’s done, you’ll have a perfectly good pipe ready for use.

    How do you know if you need pipe relining? Sudden drops in water pressure or signs of water damage in parts of your house are key indications. We can thoroughly inspect your pipes, looking for damage and any areas that need immediate attention through the non-invasive CCTV technology we have.

    When you need quality services that address the heart of your problem, we’re the choice Ipswich customers turn to. Reach out today to speak to an experienced Ipswich plumber.

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    Don’t settle for a messy, expensive job digging up your pipes when you can have a neat, clean, and cost-effective solution

    While some plumbers will suggest digging up and replacing all your damaged pipes, you don’t have to settle for the mess excavation will cause on your property. Instead, look for a plumber who offers expert relining services. You’ll enjoy a no-mess, no-fuss repair job that leaves you with like-new pipes without impacting your day-to-day life all that much.

    Plumbing Problems Solved by Pipe Relining

    Blocked Pipes

    With CCTV inspection of your pipes, we can easily see if there are any blocked drains or pipes even deep within your piping. Before we reline your pipes, we can clear the blockage using our high-tech tools, including an exceptionally powerful jet blaster. Nothing can beat our efforts, including tree roots in your stormwater drains. We’ll ensure your pipes are fully cleared before we begin pipe relining. So, if you notice decreased water pressure, abnormal toilet water levels, or gurgling in your plumbing, give us a call to investigate the problem. We’ll get to the heart of the problem, whether a blockage or a misaligned pipe.

    Leaking Pipes

    When your pipes are leaking, they can cause severe problems throughout your home. Depending on where they leak, it can lead to floor and wall damage. The excess moisture can also cause mould to grow, which is a severe health concern. When we reline a pipe, it eliminates any cracks, holes, or weaknesses by creating an entirely new internal surface inside the existing one. The best part is you won’t have to have your home torn apart or your yard excavated to get to the damaged pipes. Every step of the process is non-invasive, ensuring your home is mess-free and you’re as stress-free as possible.

    Misaligned Pipes

    With our volatile soil sucha s with black soil, there’s a potential for pipes to become misaligned due to movement in the soil and foundations of a home. Unfortunately, they’re not always in the best place to access. With pipe relining, that’s not a problem. We can evaluate the problem with our CCTV tools and apply the pipe-relining solution quickly and effectively. Another concern that can lead to misaligned pipes is substandard installation. If the connections on the pipes weren’t sufficient, to begin with, there’s always the chance they can begin to separate. In either situation, you’ll need to act quickly to prevent severe damage to the rest of your home.

    Repair Damage of Tree Root Intrusion

    Our services also extend to repairing damage caused by tree roots. They can bust through drain pipes as they grow and expand, leading to extensive damage. Instead of digging up the pipes and replacing them, you can have them relined. We’ll use our high-powered jetter to break up the tree roots, removing the blockage. Then, we’ll apply our pipe relining material, ensuring your drain gets full coverage. We’ll restore everything to like-new condition, so you don’t have to worry. This process is much more cost-effective than the alternatives.

    Qualified Plumber For Your Pipe Relining

    We’re the plumber folks in Ipswich turn to for all their pipe relining needs. As more and more homeowners have realised there’s a better way to handle damaged pipes, the need for a qualified plumber who provides pipe relining in Ipswich has increased. We’ve stepped up to the challenge. Our services ensure our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the results.

    • Many years of experience in the plumbing industries: We have extensive experience in the plumbing and relining industries, guaranteeing you’ll get the best results possible.  
    • Good communication, upfront, efficient: We take pride in delivering prompt, clear-cut communication that keeps customers in the loop. 
    • Quality work that we stand by: We always provide exceptional quality, no matter the service you request. 
    • Residential and commercial: We provide our services for your home and business. 
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    More about pipe relining

    What are the main situations where you would benefit from pipe relining?

    Pipe relining is beneficial in many situations, including the following:

    • Leaking pipes
    • Cracked pipes
    • Broken pipes
    • Misaligned pipes due to soil movement
    • Old piping that needs an upgrade but is located underground or under a concrete slab

    What is the process for pipe relining?

    If there are any blockages in the drain, they must be removed so that CCTV can assess the situation. CCTV tools are used to locate the specific problem, and the plumber will determine if pipe relining is appropriate. The pipe will be thoroughly cleaned before the relining material is applied. The pipe is then relined with the prepared material. After that, it must be cured to ensure the material becomes solid and watertight.

    Pipe Relining for Commercial Properties

    Pipe relining is ideal for commercial properties because any disruption to business can be severely damaging and very costly. This process ensures they won’t have to close up shop for multiple days while the drains are fixed. In addition, there will not be any digging or mess. Business will progress as usual while the problem is getting fixed. We offer our plumbing services to commercial properties across Ipswich and Brisbane’s western suburbs.

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