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Got a blocked drain? We’re the drainage specialists who can help you clear even the most severe blockages. Clearing blocked drains is our most common service provided in Ipswich. We’ve got specialised drain unblocking equipment like a drain snake (also known as a plumber’s snake), a CCTV drain camera to find out what’s going on and of course the trusty jet blaster, which uses high pressure water to break up any blockage in your property’s drains. Our jetter is even capable of breaking up tree roots in your stormwater drains! We can employee a variety of safe and effective methods to ensure your drains are cleared and working again.

We’re available after regular business hours for emergency call outs and we service Ipswich and southwest Brisbane.

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Signs of a blocked drain

Here are some common signs of drain blockages:

  • Water drains away slowly
  • Gurgling sounds in your plumbing
  • Unwanted nasty smells coming from the drain
  • Abnormal toilet water levels
blocked drain Ipswich

Call your  trusted local plumber to unblock your drains 

What causes a blocked drain and how to prevent blockages?

Blocked sink

There are many items that can lead to your drains to become blocked. Food scraps, grease, oil, and other random foreign objects are the most common culprits when it comes to blockages in the kitchen sink.

Where possible cover the drain with a strainer to prevent food items from getting into the drain.

Grease, fat and oils which have been poured down the sink can solidify on the walls of the u bend (or s bend). Overtime other debris gets trapped in the solidified fats and quickly leads to a complete blockage.

Instead of pouring them down the sink, use a paper towel to wipe oil, fat, grease off pots and pans and dispose of the paper towel in the general waste bin. If necessary wash using hot or boiling water. This will break up the grease and ensure that it passes through without clinging to the inner walls of the drainage pipes.

Slow draining shower

In the shower or bathtub soap and hair are your typical offenders here. To prevent slow shower draining and eventual shower drain blockage. Try to prevent little pieces of soap from getting washed into the drain and always remove of hair after showering. If you find that you or a family member ‘sheds’ a lot when washing their hair have them brush or comb their hair before getting into the shower. Alternatively you can also purchase shower hair strainers from your local hardware store.

Blocked bathroom vanity basin

For bathroom vanity drain blockages we find hair and soap are also the common transgressors. This time hair from beard trimmings are suspect. So, make sure any bearded man disposes of his trimmings in the garbage bin and not washed down the drain. 

Blocked stormwater drains

Leaves and tree roots are the prime causes of blockage in external drains around your home such as stormwater and sewer drains.

There is not much you can do to prevent this from occurring except planting large trees and bushes away from known stormwater or sewer pipes. This will minimize the like hood of a tree root finding it’s way into the stormwater drain pipes.

Because these drains are buried beneath the ground it’s extremely difficult to identify where the blockage is and even harder to remove it. It’s situations like these where calling in a professional is your best bet. We use state of the art CCTV drain inspection cameras to locate the cause of the blockage. If we find that it is indeed a root, we use a specialised root cutting tools to cut the remove the root without digging up you yard! Now that’s a great way to unblock a drain.

CCTV drain inspection Ipswich

CCTV drain inspections help us find out exactly what’s causing the blockage and where it is

DIY drain unblocking options

All of DIY drain cleaning options can help clear a blocked drain but they also have some downsides.

  • Plunger – Creates high pressure within the drain pipes which can compress and move blockages deeper into the drainage pipes making the blockage worse than before
  • Drain cleaners from hardware stores – These contain toxic chemicals which release hazardous fumes. Can also cause burns to you or your loved ones. Corrosive nature of the chemicals can also damage drainage pipes and rubber washers.
  • Coat hanger – can be effective if blockage if close to the drain, Very difficult to manoeuvre if blockage is deeper in the drainage system.
  • Cup of baking soda and vinegar – though the baking soda and vinegar combo causes a cool chemical reaction you might remember from doing in primary school but is rarely effective in clearing a blocked drain.
  • Boiling water – hot or boiling water may work for blockages caused by solidified cooking fats. Otherwise an infective method to unblock a drain.

Click here to read our blog post how to fix a blocked drain DIY.


Call a specialist blocked drain Ipswich plumber

Sometimes blocked drains can be unblocked easily with a simple DIY methods plunger or drain cleaner. Other times the blockage is too stubborn and just won’t clear no matter how much plunging you do. That’s when it’s time to call in your local Ipswich plumber.

In this case you can give us a call and we’ll come over and clear the drain no matter where it is. Shower, bath, kitchen sink, laundry basin, vanity or toilet we’ve done it all before and we’ve got the specialised tools from our CCTV camera to the high pressure water hydro jet blaster to give you peace of mind that the your property’s blocked drains will completely clear first time, every time. 

You can count on us to quickly remove any kind of blockage no matter how stubborn. We’ve been clearing blocked drains in Ipswich area for over 10 years now so you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. See for yourself why our customers are raving about our great service today!

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