3 handy tips to keep bathroom renovation costs down

15 Dec, 2020

After years of consistent use bathrooms become old and dull. Due to the impracticality and cost involved bathrooms are infrequently renovated. Many homes around Ipswich feature bathrooms which are older than the residents who live inside them!

A new bathroom goes a long way in transforming your daily experience in a home and is one of the rooms where renovation can add significant value to the properties market valuation.

But before diving deep into a bathroom renovation after watching a home improvement reality tv show it’s important to consider the cost involved. Careful planning will help you to keep your bathroom renovation costs down and help you get more bang for your renovation buck. Here’s 3 practical tips to help you do just that.


How much does a bathroom renovation in Ipswich cost?

A budget bathroom renovation can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000. While a standard bathroom renovation costs around $15,000 – $25,000. A premium bathroom renovation could cost significantly more. With these estimated expenses you could end up with an empty wallet. That’s why we have listed 3 helpful tips for you to avoid exorbitant renovation costs. Let’s check them out.


1. Don’t change your bathroom layout

Unless your current bathroom layout is super impractical don’t change the layout of your existing bathroom. This one tip alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Relocating the bathroom fixtures such as the sink, toilet, shower, as well as the water pipes can be expensive. Also, you will need to hire a renovation plumber for this work.

The cost to relocate such fixtures will vary depending on numerous factors including which fixtures you would like to relocated and the accessibility to pipes via walls or flooring (If you have concrete flooring it will be harder to remove the bathroom fixtures and it may need additional equipment).

Bear in mind not only will moving pipes cost more but it will also lengthen the duration of the bathroom renovation project.

Often you don’t need to change the location of the fixtures. Focusing on the design aspect of the bathroom renovation instead of the bathroom layout will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

You can find professional designers who can provide you with a simple but elegant design concept of your new bathroom. You can also browse through hundreds of design ideas on the internet for inspiration for your new bathroom.

Bathroom renovation Ipswich

2. Tile paint – saves heaps of time and money

It’s amazing the tranformative effect of a fresh coat of paint. Just like painting your interior walls you can also paint over dated wall tiles.

If your bathroom’s tiles and grout are in good condition, you can simply paint them. Instead of spending money on new tiles, and paying for a tiler to retile your bathroom, you can simply purchase paint for tiles and give your old bathroom tiles a new life. 

tile painting can greatly reduce your bathroom renovation costs

Tile paints are specially designed to paint over ceramic, glass, or porcelain tiles. It won’t flake over time, unlike normal paint. Simply clean your tiles and cover the areas which should not be painted over. Then apply the tile primer on the surface and after it has dried out, apply the tile paint. Simple enough for DIY renovators or you could get a professional painter to do it for you. It makes sense to get a pro to do it if you’ll be hiring a painter for your renovation anyway.

You can immediately see the big difference from the look of your old tile versus your newly painted tile.


low cost bathroom fixtures can reduce your bathroom renovation costs

3. Consider opting for lower-cost fixtures

There are many beautiful designer fixtures on the market but there are just as many decent quality cheaper alternatives which look almost identical. There is a wide variety of options with prices just right for your budget.

If  your on a real tight budget can also try to visit a nearby recycling center. If you’re lucky you can get some really good bathroom fixtures for a sweet deal.

This is one way which you can save hundreds or even thousands without compromising at all on the look of your newly renovated bathroom.

Bathroom renovations doesn’t need to be expensive. There are effective ways on how you can reduce the renovation cost and still get a new beautiful bathroom. Sometimes you just need to be smart and creative in planning to avoid overspending your budget. With careful planning and cost-effective choices, you’ll be surprised how your new bathroom will turn out.

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