CCTV and Blocked Drains

10 Jan, 2023

A CCTV drain inspection is a modern plumbing technique used to diagnose drainage problems where a camera is put down a drain to find the cause and location of blockage or leaks. This tool can identify potential problems before they lead to serious damage. These drain cameras can also identify the best way to unclog a drain with minimal disruption as a camera is less invasive and much less resource intensive than excavating and replacement of materials. 

CCTV explained

A drain camera is essentially a CCTV system that records everything in real-time and can take snapshots for investigation. It’s a video camera that can be used to see inside the pipes and is used in many other areas of construction including some roof cavity inspections. A CCTV camera captures images and then transmits them back to a monitor where the plumber can adjust the camera to get the angles required to identify the problem. 

The technology has evolved over recent decades to allow for greater image quality and processing power. Plumbers can view the video and save it for future reference. Drain camera inspections can uncover problems such as broken or cracks in the pipe and identify what is blocking a drain, whether a root or wet wipes. Using the footage, the plumber can make an informed decision about what the best solution could be.

Benefits of a CCTV inspection

For a hassle-free solution for your plumbing needs, below are the four biggest reasons why CCTV is a great investigative tool in plumbing in Ipswich. 

rusty blockage drainage pipes plumbing ipswich


CCTV drain inspection is fast. A matter of putting the drain down the pipe and getting immediate feedback as to the reason for the blocked drain. Compared to traditional methods of drain investigation that involve excavation, CCTV is a tool that will get answers fast. The plumber will insert the cable through the drain and continue along the path of the drain until the problem is identified. At the same time, a powerful light will illuminate the interior of the pipe which enables photographs and video recordings to be made. 


Thanks to the high-definition technology of CCTV, you will be able to see where the issues lie on your drain with much more accuracy than guesswork. CCTV drain surveys use cameras to look inside the pipes, providing an accurate picture of the internal structure of the drain. This information helps plumbers to determine what repairs are necessary, reducing disruption and lowering repair costs. Furthermore, the footage that will be captured by the CCTV could be used for insurance costs or repair references. 

Much cheaper than alternative investigation options

A CCTV drain inspection is one of the most effective ways to keep your plumbing system in top condition. Using a video camera can save money and time by pinpointing the problem before it escalates. The obvious cost reduction lies in how resource efficient this tool is compared to the labour and equipment required to excavate and replace pipework which may not be the cause of the problem. If the identified problem required excavation and pipe replacement then you will have the security of knowing that the resources required for this will actually solve the problem. 


Because there’s no need for a major excavation or digging, the inspection process is relatively mess free and can be quickly cleaned up without a trace. 

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Got a blocked drain? Get your plumber to use CCTV

Stop digging around issues. A clogged drain can also signify other problems in your home and could lead to extensive problems like backflow, leaks, and burst pipes due to a build-up of pressure. Resource efficient, using CCTV is a strategy for drain investigation that is readily available by your experienced local Ipswich plumber

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