Prepare For Storm Season With These 4 Plumbing Tips

15 Dec, 2021

We live in a dramatic state, with heavy downpours and strong winds, our storm season can be quite spectacular.

Queenslanders face a slew of natural disasters, including bushfires and storms. Over 80 significant natural disasters have struck Queensland since 2011, resulting in $16.1 billion in damage and repair costs.

In Queensland, storm season typically begins in November and lasts through December, with cyclone season (especially further north) starting in January and lasting through March. So the first stage in preparation is to identify the most likely disasters to strike your area. 

In South East QLD, the most common form of storm in the seasonal downpours which leads to a heavy load on your roof and gutter system.

It is critical that your plumbing system is reliable. Your home’s plumbing system needs to be prepared for the anticipated deluge of water brought on by the storms. 

The following 4 tips are ones that you can implement yourself on your property to decrease the damage on your home from storm season, in some instances you may need to hire an Ipswich plumber to fix and repair gutters, drainage systems or a leaking roof. 

gutter system over flowing from heavy rain in Ipswich QLD

aGutter system health

Gutters, downpipes, and drains need to be inspected and fixed

The summer months make it easy to lose sight of the condition and health of your roof, gutters, and downpipes. That is until you’ll notice that the gutters and drains are suddenly overflowing with water during heavy rains or storms. 


They may leak through the roof and inside your home during exceptionally severe storms. Regular maintenance of your gutters and drains can lessen the risk of water damage during heavy downpours. 


However, you may end up needing a new roof or gutters if you wait too long to address issues, especially if a strong storm hits your area

Clear Debris

Clear leaves, overhanging branches from your gutters and around the house

Over time, your downpipes and gutters can become clogged with leaves and other debris like branches and even rubbish. Therefore, your gutters and outdoor drainage systems need to be inspected to ensure that they aren’t clogged with vegetation and other items that could cause water to accumulate. 


Branches can fall from the trees and onto your roof after a violent storm, impeding the water flow down the gutters. Before a storm, make sure to remove anything that could end up in the drainage system. This will lessen the risk of expensive plumbing repairs after heavy rain. 


Clear the areas near drains

To ensure there is nothing obstructing the flow of water

Your drainage system serves as the first line of defense against the destructive power of heavy rains caused by storms. Even in the event of heavy gusts, water is kept out of your home’s foundation, walls, and windows thanks to outside drains that channel it away. 


To avoid water damage, you should get your drains cleared of any obstructions. Then, conduct a quick inspection and remove anything obstructing these systems.

Fix any leaking taps or sprinklers

Every year, leaks in households waste almost hundreds of water in your home. Surface leaks should be checked by inspecting gaskets and pipe fittings for signs of moisture on the pipe’s exterior. 


Worn faucet gaskets and washers are the most common causes of faucet leaks. A dripping faucet that drips at a rate of one drip per will waste a tone of water before you know it! You can use Teflon tape, readily available at most hardware stores, to fix the leaks. 


You can also inspect the gaskets to see if they are cracked or damaged and replace them if necessary. For example, after a severe storm, the water supply might be become contaminated by leaking taps or sprinklers. Thus they must be repaired immediately.

Contact your local Plumber in Ipswich to repair leaking taps, gutter system repairs or replacements and  overflowing drainage systems. 


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