When is excavation required in plumbing?

24 Jan, 2023

There are a few reasons why you may need excavation and earthmoving in the context of plumbing. The most common reasons why excavation is necessary for plumbing include damaged pipes (sections or whole lengths) that need replacing or laying new pipework. In regards to excavation, it is very important that whoever is doing the excavating conducts a dial before you dig search prior to commencing works, to identify utilities underground to prevent injury or outage which can often involve high costs to repair. 

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The main instances when excavation is needed in plumbing works

Noticing backflow, discoloured water, metallic taste while drinking, rust, weird smells, unusually high water bill?  These could be signs that your pipes aren’t working as they should and will require CCTV drain investigation to identify if excavation is required. Time to call a local trusted plumbing expert and have your property checked, assessed, and repaired. 

Excavation for pipe repair or replacement 

Pipes can become corroded and damaged over time, which can cause serious damage to your home. They can also make water flow less effective, which can lead to blocked drains. Sometimes, a blocked drain cant is repaired with a high-pressure hose and plumbers snake and requires replacement of the damaged section. This is especially prevalent in situations where tree roots have grown into the pipework and have cracked or damaged the integrity of the pipe.  On another note, rust is a culprit in older homes where pipework has been left unattended for a long time, in these instances, excavation will be required to access the affected pipe and replace it. 

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To lay new pipes

New pipework is required in situations of new builds, extensions, and separate dwellings such as granny flats. Laying new pipework requires excavation to lay the pipes at the correct depth to withstand the vehicles’ weight at times. Having the right tools and equipment to do the excavation accurately, safely, and efficiently will make the whole process much smoother. A plumber who has excavation experience and equipment is an excellent mix for these situations because it means the same company is dealing with your project from start to finish. 

Who does the excavating?

Excavation will require equipment and a knowledgeable and experienced operator to be done accurately and efficiently. Hiring a licensed plumber who has the experience and equipment to excavate the project means that you will get the job completed more efficiently. You will most likely have a smoother experience as a customer because you have one point of contact rather than coordinating multiple parties. 

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Excavation and earthmoving are not always required in plumbing, there are more conservative ways to unblock drains and re-seal pipework however there are instances where excavation and replacement of pipework is the best course of action. We offer excavation and earthmoving services, we have high-quality equipment to get the job done right to ensure the best long-term outcome for your plumbing work. 

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