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Our plumbers in Redbank Plains are experts at their job and understand what it takes to keep the your homes pipes running freely.

Some of the common pipe problems that are handled by the plumbers in the Redbank area include:

Emergency Plumbing in Redbank Plains

Our Ipswich plumbers can come out to Redbank 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take care of any plumbing related problem that you may may encounter. So you can rest assured that in any plumbing related emergency you’ll have a qualified and experienced plumber come to your rescue. 

emergency plumbing in Redbank Plains 4301 QLD

It’s times like these you need to call a local Redbank Plains plumber

Hot Water System Repair Redbank Plains

If your hot water system has stopped running and you’re toughing it out having a cold shower give us a call and we’ll sort out your hot water system problems in no time.

There could be numerous reasons why your hot water system is not running, some of the more common causes we deal with is: 

  • Pilot light issues
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty heater element
  • leakage

Give us a buzz and we’ll get your hot water system repaired in no time!

Drain Cleaning Redbank Plains QLD

Hiring a plumber to clear blocked drains or sewer roots is something that you may need to do from time to time. However, it is better to get it done correctly the first time instead of having to deal with reoccurring problems later.

Our Redbank Plains plumbers are experienced in dealing with sewer systems. They are also trained to remove tree roots from underground pipes. So when you consider choosing a plumber for your sewer drain and sewer line replacement or other plumbing needs, consider our Redbank Plains plumbers for your needs.

Plumber Redbank Plains cleaning drains

We can help you unblock and clean your homes drains 

Commercial Plumber Redbank Plains

If you are a business owner and are looking for reliable commercial plumbing services in Redbank Plains, look no further than the professionals at Plumbing Ipswich. We are one of the premier companies in the industry providing a wide range of plumbing products and installation services. We offer a wide range of commercial products including pipe fittings, drain cleaning equipment, kitchen and bathroom fittings, valves and much more.

With an experienced team of plumbers and we are able to provide the best possible commercial plumbing service to all types of businesses. No matter what kind of business you own or operate. 


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Fridge freezer plumbing Redbank Plains

Refrigerator Plumbing

Just bought a new fridge and looking for a plumber to install the ice and water features? Contact us organise a convenient time for you for us to come and do the fridge installation job.

Gutter replacement Redbank Plains

Gutter Replacement

Get your gutters fixed before storm season comes around the the rains get heavy! Our roof plumbing services include gutter repair and replacement.

blocked toilet plumber Redbank 4301


When you’ve tried to plunge the gunk in the drain and it’s not cutting it, don’t fret call us instead. We’ve got the latest in plumbing equipment to effectively and cleanly remove any blockage.

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